The Starboard has long been synonymous with kicking back in Dewey Beach and having a great time, but behind the scenes, the men and women on staff at the Starboard are constantly working hard to throw parties with purpose. Steve “Monty” Montgomery has a philosophy of benevolence, and he brings it to every event he can, from the famous Running of the Bull, which kicks off the summer, to Dewey Goes Pink in October.

“If there is an organization or a cause that we can help out and raise money for, I’m all about it.” says Montgomery. “Many people aren’t aware of our work with the B+ Foundation because that one is done primarily online, through our Back VIP Tag auction. But B+ Foundation is one of the most touching organizations we work with.”

This year, the Black VIP Tag auction, in partnership with and Aaron Dunphy, raised 27,980.00 that went directly to the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation. The foundation, whose mission is to help families fighting pediatric cancer, was founded by Joe McDonough after his son, Andrew, lost his battle with leukemia at the age of 14. When Joe heard his son’s blood type was B+, he thought that it was fitting as an outlook on life.

The McDonough family rallied around the mantra of being positive, and following the loss of his son, they rolled it into a foundation and a mission that is now nationally active, and helping to fund essential research and allow families to spend extra time with their children while they battle cancer.

Joe McDonough cherishes the continued relationship between his foundation and The Starboard. He says, “We are so appreciative of the tremendous and consistent support that we have received from The Starboard. In the 7 years that we’ve partnered together on the Starboard/B+ VIP Black Tag auctions, well over $100,000 has been raised to relieve the financial burden on families of kids with cancer.  Not only have Starboard customers helped pay the bills of hundreds of families, but by doing so, they have also thrown a lifeline to these families.”

The B+ Foundation is a reminder of all the good that exists in people, even through their darkest moments. The McDonough family touches the lives of thousands of other families, helping them to remember that they are part of a greater community while they face the unimaginable challenges of pediatric cancer.

The foundation continues to honor the life Andrew McDonough with its work and mission, through a variety of fundraisers, including the annual Black Tag event the Starboard does. It is through fundraisers and private donations that the organization has the ability to change lives and give parents the help they need during one of the most difficult times they face. If you would like more information on the organization, or would like to make a donation, please visit

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