The Starboard Purchases UTV for Dewey Beach Patrol

The Starboard Purchases UTV for Dewey Beach Patrol

The Starboard Restaurant is a good time place where throngs of people come to let their hair down in the summer months, but all that revelry also has a deeper mission for owner Steve “Monty” Montgomery. He has long used his success as a vehicle to benefit the greater community, and now Montgomery has put his benevolence into literal vehicle form, purchasing a utility vehicle (UTV) for the Dewey Beach Patrol.

Christopher Muscara, Senior Lieutenant/Asst. Director of EMS for Dewey Beach Patrol, struck up a friendship with Montgomery in 2007 when he called to thank him for a donation. “He always donated to help the Junior Lifeguards,” Muscara recalls. “And since then, we’ve remained friends. What’s special about Monty is that whatever anyone needs, he’s one of the first people willing to step up and donate.”

Montgomery has known about the need for the new beach vehicle for a couple of years, so he and Muscara did their research and ultimately decided on the current model, which was recently purchased for $12,000.

The new UTV, Muscara explains, greatly enhances the abilities of the Dewey Beach Patrol. While they had two operational ATV models, the new beach transport is more sophisticated, and allows for them to load patients as well as more supplies, an important capacity since the Dewey Beach Patrol assists in EMS and 911 calls in the vicinity from 9 a.m to 5 p.m. each day.

“What many people may not realize is the scope with which we function.” Muscara points out that seeing the lifeguards on the stand is only one aspect of their jobs. In addition to keeping beachgoers safe, the Dewey Patrol will respond to distress calls and wait with patients until the Rehoboth Department can respond. They also work with The Marine Educations and Research Institute, (MERR) and many of his lifeguards, ranging in age from 17 to 52 years old, are EMTs. Having the third vehicle available makes accomplishing all their tasks easier for them and the people they serve.

While the Dewey Beach Patrol is primarily funded through the town, outside donations from people like Montgomery are also essential. Partnerships in such a tight knit community are what makes places like Dewey Beach function in the way they do. “I love my community, and if there is any way I can ever help out, I’m happy to do it.” Montgomery says, “The jobs Muscara and his team does isn’t easy, and we’re thankful.”

So the next time you see the lifeguards in Dewey, either on the stand, on the job helping marine wildlife, or responding to an EMS call, remember that their job is multifaceted. Give ‘em a nod and thank you, and always remember to practice beach safety.

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