Iconic Dewey Beach Weekend Now in June

Iconic Dewey Beach Weekend Now in June

Summertime in Dewey Beach is synonymous with the Starboard Restaurant. For locals and vacationers, The Starboard is their touchstone for summer experiences from free live music to brunch and bloody marys, and of course, the iconic Running of the Bull. With opening weekend just around the corner, owner Steve “Monty” Montgomery is announcing that the biggest weekend in Dewey Beach is picking up and moving to June 24th this summer season.

“We’re excited about the move.” Montgomery talks about his decision to take the weekend into the month of June, “it will be a positive thing for the whole town, and gives our fans who come into town specifically for The Bull Run, their own weekend.”

Typically, the Running of the Bull in Dewey Beach has coincided with the July 4th holiday, falling in a relatively short distance to the already packed weekend. Having the event in June will give the weekend it’s own life, and is the perfect way to kick off the summer season with a bang. Last year’s event was the 20th annual, which was special in it’s own rite, but this year is pretty special too…the bull is turning 21, or as Montgomery puts it, “He’s finally old enough to have a beer!”

The Starboard and their loyal staff are already preparing for the summer ahead, with opening weekend just a few weeks away. On March 16th, they will be kicking off the re-opening with a Chamber of Commerce Happy Hour on Thursday, and a Local’s Opening Party that night with LauraLea & Tripp Fabulous. Then it’s right into Saint Paddy’s Day weekend.

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