Welcome Chef William Somoza to The Starboard

The Starboard Restaurant has always offered a hearty menu to pair with it’s freshly squeezed orange crushes and extensive selection of craft beers, but now, they are pleased to welcome Chef William Somoza as their executive chef as they take their culinary aspirations to the next level.

Somoza knew that when owner Steve “Monty” Montgomery expressed his interest in making the menu more upscale, he was just the man for the job. Somoza is unafraid of tackling any type of cuisine, and loves to compete, which helps him build momentum, along with his reputation. Most recently, he won first prize at BaconFest in Dewey Beach for his deliciously creative bacon dishes.

For Chef Somoza, being back at The Starboard Restaurant is like coming full circle. It’s the place it all began for him when he started his career there 13 years ago as a line cook. From there he was promoted and went to Bethany Blues in Bethany Beach and rose to executive chef. He ran the kitchen at the Bethany Beach location for six years before moving to Lewes to help open the new Bethany Blues location.

Now, he’s been back at The Starboard for five months, and is rolling his years of experience into menu magic. Somoza has worked diligently to keep the staples that built The Starboard Restaurant’s repertoire, while revamping some, like the salads and flatbreads, and adding new items as well. Longtime Starboard food fans will still find their classics, like the crab cakes and the fabulous burgers, but they will notice new favorites, like the soups and chicken and shrimp salads.

The main thing Chef Somoza stresses is that everything be prepared in house. “The whole menu— even the salad dressings— are made by hand.” Says Somoza, ‘“Everything is really fresh.”

Along with the new menu items, there are also new specials. The Starboard has food specials Monday through Friday, but the one Somoza is the most proud of is his taco night on Mondays, which he dubs his “baby.” Making it extra special, and sticking firmly by his hand made, in house model, even the corn tortillas are hand made. He’s serving all the favorites from a grilled seafood taco to pork carnitas.

The reimagined, streamlined menu has something for everyone, from vegetarians to the meatiest meat lovers. With free parking in Dewey Beach Monday-Wednesday from 5-11pm, it’s never been easier to pull up a seat at The Starboard Restaurant and dig in to their new menu items. For a closer look at the new menu and specials, visit http://thestarboard.com

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